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About us

Kurt Sprenger

With more than 40 years of experience in the film and TV business, Kurt Sprenger is your partner for entering the Christian film market.

Being a Diplom Engineer for High Frequences and a Pastor, Mr. Sprenger has been working in Film, TV and Video, Studio Productions, Distribution, Dubbing and Film & TV Consulting for about 40 years.

After having worked in several Christian production companies, Kurt Sprenger founded his own compayn Life Media International in 1997.

With the following Christian US Film and TV producers and distributors, K.S. is honoured to be working with: Mission Pictures, American Trademark Pictures, World Wide Family Entertainment, Bridgestone Multimedia Group, Pure Flix Entertainment, Gate Way Films/Vision Video and others.


  • 1980-1987: Evangeliums Rundfunk, ERF (German speaking branch of TWR), setting up the first private Christian video and TV ministry in Germany
  • 1987-1997: Managing Director of Christian Media Corporation, CMC, doing the film, TV and video trading for Ltd. partners (ERF, Haenssler Verlag and Campus Crusade for Christ Germany)
  • 1997-now: founder and CEO of Life Media International, working together with several partners and friends in Germany, Eastern Europe, USA and worldwide


  • Participated in the launch of the first German Christian 24/7 satellite channel called Bibel TV by giving access to about 350 hours of Christian programming
  • Board member of ICVM (International Christian Visual Media), former CFDA, USA, for about 5 years
  • Member of the Board of References of the Christian Film and TV Commission (Movieguide), in Camarillo, USA
  • Cofounder of CEVMA (Christian European Visual Media Association) which has become an established platform for Christians working in visual media

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